18 December 2010

Facebook is not The Dream Land

...But there is a relationship, nevertheless!

As if by technological magic, there is now a Facebook page devoted to the Dream Land series!

Search for "Stephen Swartz". Or click here: http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000118979225
and go to Notes or Photos. Check out the author and the books. Includes graphics such as maps and flags, and other background information for the series.


17 December 2010

Editing (Again)

Now that the semester's work is done, I expect to have time to finally complete the "final" edit of the Dream Land II manuscript. The main focus is to reduce the size of the manuscript. I am cutting out some redundancy. When you start a book and then put it aside for several years and return to finish it, there is a tendency to want to remind yourself, as you write it, what happened before. These act like signposts, useful during the composition but not in a final version. I trust my readers to follow the story across multiple dimensions and multiple time zones. Then I shall return to the final "final" edit of Dream Land I.