14 July 2010


Once upon a time someone told me that when one is bored one should write about being bored.

Many attempts to start a blog ended with a few snarly remarks or a well-intended but too flowery, poetic, or overwritten fluff piece on the socio-political issue of the day. That truly caused boredom.

Now I have been inspired to try again. The topic of this blog will be my writing. I may share excerpts of my "serious" writing here, but this blog is going to be mostly about my writing, rather than the writing itself. How I do what I do. Why I do what I do. Why I keep doing what I do. What I should perhaps be doing instead of what I do. And so on.

In the event I publish something, people like it and want to know more about me or my work, they can turn here. Perhaps they could "google" me. That seems to work both in school and in the movies.

So here goes....

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