18 January 2011

A Brave New Year

The first thing to communicate after the obligatory New Year greeting ("Hi, hope your year goes splendidly for you and no bad things happen!"), is the necessity to log into one's blog often enough that the blogger does not forget the logon information. I have succeeded, apparently. Lucky guess.

Now, how to begin a new year that is still fresh enough to be full of promise and potential? I could outline plans to publish and market the next volume of the Dream Land series. Or the first volume, for that matter. Or I could start packing on miscellaneous information about the worlds and their cultures and languages, as aids to readers. Or I could blog relentlessly about events in the real world. Or claim that the real world is, in fact, fantasy and vice versa.

As the new year begins in the spring on Ghoupallesz--as it did in ancient times when the zodiac system came to fruition--we can look forward to fertility rituals and fecundity of natural production. The start of the baseball season also comes to mind. Certainly there is no winter to be concerned about. However, as the planet does not tilt to the degree the Earth does, the seasons are not as varied as they are on Earth in the temperate zones. Hence, the northern latitudes see less change in the summer and temperate zones tend to stay similar across half the year. There is autumn country and there is spring country. Unfortunately for those affected, there is also winter country and in desert areas also a summerland.

As for the real world, it remains varied as usual, neither emersed in the depths of a raging winter nor squeaking by with a mild, late autumn sensibility. And I, the humble blogger, shall find worthy topics about which to muse rapturously.

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