12 February 2011

Online Charity (Please give generously!)

What a wonderful opportunity for a charitable act of giving!

If you can take a few minutes from your mundane daily routine, please slip over to a special page and read a sample of a new literary fiction novel of two opposites attracting, more like a train wreck, but you decide.

Here's the link:


(It's possible you may need to login at Amazon.com before you can access that page, Sorry for the inconvenience but many thanks for trying!)


  1. Of course, now that it's been posted--final answer locked in--I find flaws in it. Some superficial, some resulting from my serious cutting effort prior to submission. Ah, too late for the competition. You can still soothe my ego, if you wish.

  2. I've already reviewed, of course, so you know I think it's good. I especially loved chapter two.

  3. Thanks, Doralynn. I got it.

    Just putting a note here that says the preview link above is not longer valid since I removed that excerpt. Since my pitch did not make the cut, nobody will be reading my excerpt. Since I've also revised it based on many reviewers' suggestions, there is also no need to read the old one.