02 May 2011

Fantasize Reality

I know it's Monday morning, the Monday following a wild weekend of world events.

First the Royal Wedding, all the pomp and circumstance, the photography, and the fashion gurus debating fabric and jewels. Then the kiss and speculation about the family jewels, the mansion, and what ever shall we do the rest of our lives since we don't actually have to do much anyway talk.

Now we have reports that the most heinous henchman of the past decade has been killed. Grainy video and sincere spokesmen, speeches and genuine pictures straight off the Photoshop floor. Proof drowned in a burial at sea. No martyr here, so keep moving.

But seriously! There's a lot more to life than weekends full of glitz and corpses. Back to work, back to school, back to whatever you want to do. Like poetry (the previous sentence was almost some). Why worry? Everything will be settled by the end of the game. So just sit back and have a drink, contemplate reality as you would fantasize it. Imagine this and that, as some people say.

Everything is fantasy in the final analysis, so just believe. That's all we are expected to do anyway. Believe in the fantasies surrounding us. And smile in rabid delight. There is no man behind the curtain.


  1. Stephen, that second paragraph is positively metrosexual! I had no idea you were someone I could gossip with about "the dress" Do you think it signals the end of hooker chic like I do? ;)

    Have a great day.

  2. Thanks for your comment, Johanna. Metrosexual? I have a vague idea of the meaning but what I wrote was never intended to be a swan song about fashion or celebrity gossip. Rather, I attempted to make jabs at same. I am, unfortunately, untrained in the assessment of public fabric-ation. I do, however, appreciate the thought that you thought that I thought about all of that baloney. :-)