31 August 2011

A Day in the Life of YEAR OF THE TIGER

Hey, Readers and Reader wannabes, check this out:


What would you do if you awoke to find yourself inside the mind of a wild animal, living its life--hunting, killing, mating?

Every night Karl Edwards has strange, violent dreams. He sees the world as though looking through the eyes of a huge Bengal tiger, and it's driving him insane! His sexy wife notices the effect but, fortunately, she knows a hunky young doctor who can help--help her have Karl committed, that is!  Locked away, the nightmares worsen for Karl and grow ever stronger as the tiger hunts down the men who killed its mate.

Karl has a plan, however. All he has to do is persuade Althea, the mousy young nurse on his floor, to help him escape. Next, he must find a way to get to India. Then he must find that one special tiger and kill it. Only then will Karl have for himself the mind he and the tiger seem to share. Simple, right?

But others are interested in joining the hunt. The doctor who put Karl in the mental hospital fears Karl will reveal the doctor's criminal behavior, so the doctor is after human prey. And famous big game hunter Colonel John Barrington is ready to come out of retirement, with worldwide media in tow, for one last chance at a man-eating tiger! Who will get to the tiger first? And will the tiger be the one to have the last roar?

Set in 1986, YEAR OF THE TIGER is a fast-paced adventure novel that weaves together a virtual jungle of intrigue which explodes at the end of the trail.

COMING SOON (well, all right, maybe sometime in 2012) from Fantasy Island Book Publishing!

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