02 November 2011

The Interview

Must be the Halloween effect...spooky things happening, such as...the school newspaper wants to interview me tomorrow, especially about me teaching the Creative Writing course for the first time in 3 years. 

So...what are my qualifications? I have an MFA degree in Creative Writing and I have a novel coming out. 

See? Look at the cool cover (created by Claire Chilton):

From FANTASY ISLAND BOOK PUBLISHING (Click Here) and available soon at Fantasy Island Books, Barnes & Noble, Amazon, and my closest street corner!

Thanks for your support! 

I hope you enjoy the story. If not, please rewrite it following your own sense of morality.

Cover design by Claire Chilton, fellow Fantasy Island Book Publishing Author (Whatever Became of the Squishies?, also coming soon) and FIBP Graphic Designer, Webmistress, and unofficial York tour guide!


  1. Congrats on the teaching and the novel, Stephen!

  2. Ooh, cool cover, Stephen.

  3. I really enjoyed the book.

    Greg Jasperson.