31 March 2012

Don't Miss this Review of AFTER ILIUM.

I have been featured! 
(I mean in a good way, not in a post office wall kinda way.)

Blogger and writing colleague Connie J. Jasperson (author of the epic fantasy The Last Good Knight and its super-intense sequel Tower of Bones) has posted a review of my summer reading list book AFTER ILIUM on her fabulous blog The Dark Side Book Review!

Check it out. There are no spoilers, but you'll get a quick overview of the exciting, heart-wrenching plot without any of that heavy-handed mythology lecture that professors like me love to dream of delivering to auditoriums full of eager literature students. Who doesn't like stories of seduction and betrayal, with plenty of action and adventure thrown in? What really matters to poor Alex Parris is everything that happens After Ilium.

A Big Thanks, Connie, for making my day! 

(Especially after finishing up the tax reports and arranging to work overtime for the rest of the year to pay for those checks I mailed today. Then I shall begin working on next year's several pounds of flesh. Oh--wait! Help a poor author out and buy some books, eh? Good entertainment + literary charity! You'll feel satisfied and I'll be able to write more books. Thanks!)

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