04 March 2013

Have you fallen into The Dream Land?

Mondays usually mean yet another hangover. No, not from booze. Just life in general: time to rise from the dead and push ever onward on the treadmill of civilization, doing whatever I can to bring peace and pleasantry to everyone far and wide. Sometimes, I offer itty bitty bunny wabbits to cause downturned mouths to bend up at the corners and become transformed into silly smiles. It occasionally works.

Now I have serious things to present. Here's the deal:

THE DREAM LAND Book I "Long Distance Voyager" is available right now as an ebook for Kindle through Amazon. It has been called "the only true epic of the new generation of sci-fi mash-up writers"--most likely for its sweeping scope and the depth of its characters. The trilogy embraces two worlds, multiple time periods, a cast of millions, and a leading cadre of god-like ne'er-do-wells not seen since Zelazny's Amber brood. The print edition is due out in late spring/early summer--basically whenever I get up off my computer and click a few buttons.

THE DREAM LAND Book II "Dreams of Future's Past" will also be available as an ebook for Kindle through Amazon in that late spring/early summer window, with a print edition to follow some months later. Just when you thought our heroes were lost in space, we discover the truth about them. Are they really dominating another world like the fake gods they are, or is it all a lavish dream that detectives are attempting to unravel? Never let your guard down, of course, or someone may change history--for the worse.

THE DREAM LAND Book III "Diaspora" is currently under construction. In layman's terms, I'm still writing it. However, I have it outlined and know where it goes and how it ends. Given enough uninterrupted time, I could possibly finish it in six months. Another six months to revise and edit to a fine polished glimmer, and it too shall be available as an ebook for Kindle through Amazon sometime in 2014. As the title may suggest, desperate things are happening; in fact, Earth itself may be seriously impacted by the arrival of a comet to the other world!

So that's where we stand. Thanks for your patronage, support, comments and criticism. Thanks most of all for your willingness to take a dare and read a book quite unlike anything you've read before: a mash-up multi-genre novel of interdimensional travel, alien romance, and world domination by a pair of high school sweethearts, marbled with police procedural and psychological thriller, layered by a patina of steampunk pathos and lame limericks and snappy puns! A book for every genre reader!

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