02 September 2013

The Dream Land Trilogy is Launched

Exciting things happening in the Dream Land this week!

Thanks to all of you and your support! I could not have made this dream of mine into some kind of extremely twisted reality were it not for the encouragement, criticism, more criticism, some words of affection, and the occasional box of cookies. Here, at long last, is the real deal: the paperback edition of THE DREAM LAND Book I: Long Distance Voyager (or simply "The Dream Land").

In other Dream Land news:

Finished the final edit of Book III Diaspora to my satisfaction. Started my own "fan fiction" about what happens next to a side character, Dale T. Wilson, a retired detective. That will be great fun to occupy my autumn writing sprints.

Republished (so to speak) Book II Dreams of Future's Past for Kindle. I just uploaded the newer cover. That's all. The text remains the same. Book II will get the paperback treatment next, say, by December.

Republished Book I Long Distance Voyager for Kindle. Changed to newest cover...which matches the paperback's cover. Uploaded the paperback version's text, also, which includes a few corrected typos found in proofreading the "proof" copy sent to me. I also added a blurb about Book II.

And last but certainly not the least in any way, shape, or form...

Publication of the paperback edition of THE DREAM LAND (Book I: Long Distance Voyager) through my good buddies at Myrddin Publishing (in association with my own house Tangential Books). It looks great and reads great. I've read through it about a hundred times across many years and many editions yet I still laugh at the same places I should and cry at the same places where I should. I get excited in the fight scenes and get funky during the love scenes.

THE DREAM LAND Book I Long Distance Voyager in paperback, available just about now....

Already available at Amazon in the UK!

Here's the Amazon USA link (looks like Ammy is discounting it a bit, being a new book)

Available at Amazon in Europe (France, Germany, Italy, Spain), India, and Japan, too. But in English, of course. Oh, and in Canada, too!

As a run-up to this paperback launch, I've been splattering the internet with Dream Land memes. Have you seen one yet? Here's one of my favorites:

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