24 March 2014

The Spring Break Reading That Got Away!

You had the best of intentions. You downloaded some books, promised to read them, and then Life ...or assorted or sordid Spring Break activities somehow got in the way!

We understand.

Or perhaps you had the best intentions of getting into some exciting new reading but did not get to download the books before leaving for your Spring Break venue.

We still understand.

No problem! 


like all the particles and elements in the universe, will always exist!

It's NOT too late to catch up on your spring reading!

At the beach or at the pool or in bed late at night, here's my recommended list of readables (most are available in both Kindle and paperback versions but [wink] we know you want to take them with you on a small portable device, right?):


If you have cravings for a genre-mashing epic of interdimensional intrigue, two geeky lovers, two worlds, a cast of millions, steam-powered cars and airships, cruel overlords and cheap drugs, exoskeletons and jungle girls, rogue cops and war rabbits, ancient history and modern science, a sleepy planet and a fatal comet, then perhaps The Dream Land trilogy would be an excellent choice.

The Dream Land I "Long Distance Voyager"
Kindle or Paper 

The Dream Land II "Dreams of Future's Past"
Kindle or Paper 

The Dream Land III "Diaspora"
Kindle or Paper

A young man's summer trip to the ruins of ancient Ilium (Troy) is interrupted by a quick affair with an older woman...which sends him on his own Odyssey across the Turkish coast.

Kindle or Paper 

An unlucky professor gets lucky but turns obsessive to keep control over the beautiful art student he picks up one dark and stormy night.

Kindle or Paper


Paranormal, Sci-Fi, Epic Fantasy, Romance, Psychological Thrillers, and Literary genres!

Both YA, New Adult, and Adult books!

All in ebook format and most also in paperback.

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