01 July 2015

Out to Lunch

Welcome to this blog! Hope your summer is going as well as can be expected or, perhaps, better than that. Do not be alarmed. This blog has not been abandoned. The situation is simply that the blogger has gone on vacation. He shall return soon and likely blog about the vacation. 

Until then, if you would like to help cover the cost of his vacation, there are now seven books available for you to read. Surely one will strike your fancy and please your soul.

Here are all the ebook/Kindle links, but all of these exist also in paperback. Happy reading!

AIKO (just launched)

A DRY PATCH OF SKIN (last fall's big vampire hit!)

A BEAUTIFUL CHILL (sexy campus anti-romance)


(a sci-fi/steampunk trilogy on interdimensional intrigue)

Book I "Long Distance Voyager" 

Book II Dreams of Future's Past  http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00D94Y06O 

Check your local Amazon listings; you may be able to get these for free 
if you are a Kindle Unlimited or Amazon Prime member!

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