07 February 2016

The Greatest Week Ever!

I awoke this morning with no intention of blogging. After all, I tend to be lazy. Also, it is Super Bowl Sunday so nobody would be reading or retweeting my blog anyway. Then I realized the amazing juxtaposition of all of the universe's prime events coinciding in a single week and had to type a few sentences to record the moment I thought of it.

Today is Super Bowl Sunday or, as many people say, another Sunday with a football game. For me, it is the last chance to down a batch of guacamole without no excuses. [UPDATE: Denver 24, Carolina 10.]

Also today (or tomorrow if you are on this side of the world) is the far older event known as Chinese New Year, a measure of the lunar cycles. They have been followed since long before the sun calendar was invented. You can google that. This year is the year of the Fire Monkey. I thought it was simply monkey but Chinese friends are calling it Fire Monkey so I'll go with that although it seems either a difficult situation for the monkey or downright arousing. Anyway, noodles and dumplings are on me! May your Fortune Cookie crack your way!

This is also the week I get my taxes done. Hopefully. Doing it early so I know how much to save to hand over in a couple months.

At the end of the week is Valentine's Day, which I have blogged about with more or less candor in previous years. A sample of my gripes is here.

And let us not forget the birthday of someone famous: Mr. Abraham Lincoln, the 16th president of the United States. Never met him but he's been in some movies.

Last but not least, this week also has embodied in its days the celebration of Mardi Gras, or Fat Tuesday for the Anglophones among us. It is the day to fatten thyself in anticipation for a lengthy fast. It's for religious purposes. Or because in the olden days the lambs had not yet been born so everyone was hungry anyway. Read it online so it must be true.

So here is my blog for today, for this week, the first for this month. Now I've got it covered. Thanks for your indulgence and your patience. And if you're Mom or Dad, send money. Thanks! 

PS--Also this week is the birthday of the world's greatest daughter, but it would embarrass her to have me mention it, so mum's the word! Love you!

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  1. She is a darling daughter and a lucky girl to be your child.

  2. I too had guacamole, watched most of the game and discussed Chinese New Year, although not from the other side of the world. I also read the short story you wrote for Into the Woods and was so surprised! Awesome story! I am one of those annoying people who watch movies and know what going to happen next. I think,"I should be writing this stuff!" Which I never do. And rarely does the author surprise me. You surprised me, Stephen. Loved it! Happy Birthday to your daughter.

    1. It seems you have followed the protocol. Thank you!