14 April 2011

Exciting New Offer!

Dear Gentlereader,

I just had a thought, for anyone who may be in such a position to take advanatage of my idea. It's kind of like a silent auction but louder.

I am currently in the process of researching agents to sell and editors to buy my science-fiction series popularly known as The Dream Land trilogy. You've seen exerpts here and there on the internet, including this bloggish thing. As a trilogy, of course, there are three volumes. I will confirm here and now that Books I and II are finished, even finished editing, and are ready to go to press in my humble opinion--of course, an editor might say, "It's a fine first draft!"

Anyway, here's the deal: Why not be a good friend or fan and help me out? I welcome suggestions, links, recommendations, introductions, etc. to both agents and editors/publishers. All who deal with sci-fi are welcome. Also, there is the catch that I am an "unpublished" author (though I have published a few stories and poetry in literary journals, as well as some scholarly publications in my academic field). So send me info!

Please use the comment section to this post (below) or send to my email address: dreamlandtrilogy@gmail.com

(It goes without saying--but I'll say it anyway: please do not get any spam started.)

And what do you get in return?

If your suggestion or link or introduction leads to a deal--or, even perhaps to a request for a full manuscript (seems fair enough at this point), I will add you as a character in Book III of The Dream Land; it will be a good character, probably of the sidekick kind, or a chance encounter with a minor character. But you will be in the scene! One whole scene, minimum. I will be happy to use your real name or a pseudonym of your choice. And your character will not be killed off.

Sound like fun? Hope so! Thanks in adavance for any and all assistance in bringing this tale of interdimensional intrugue to a shelf and/or ebook download near you!

Stephen Swartz

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