01 April 2011

T. G. I. Friday

Judgment Day: Process essays are due!

Come on, how difficult is it to type out 5+ paragraphs on how to do something? A half-hour to draft, maybe 5 more to run spellchecker, print. This has been a 2 week project...so far, dear students of mine!

Cynically conflicted. If I get a lot of papers, there goes my weekend--but I feel validated as a writing teacher. If I don't get papers I have the week for my own writing/editing--but I'll feel depressed as a teacher.
A typical Friday conundrum.

1 comment:

  1. Surprisingly, attendance today was on par: 60%. Paper submissions were sub-par, about 30%. It's like a great sunny day on the course but you hitting everything into the rough. And that is the end of the Golf analogies.