23 August 2012

DeConstructing the Sekuatean Empire, Part 1

For years now I have been promising to explain the Deconstruction of the Sekuatean Empire. Some people, of course, have weathered the threat; others, languish forever in anticipation. That seems needlessly cruel.  There just seldom seems a good time for it. However, I wonder if today might be the day.... Hmm, let's see....

All right, let's go for it!

Once upon a time--well, back in July 1975, at least--a doorway was discovered at an abandoned quarry deep in the woods on the east side of the Kansas City, Missouri area. That much we know--unless you believe conspiracy theorists who declare that information is being hidden from the general public. On that evening, according to official reports, two young people (identified in court documents as Sebastian E. Talbot and Gina A. Parton, ages 18 and 20 respectively, recent graduates of a local high school) were conducting an experiment in ultra-high-frequency sonic detonation of quantum reflectors (no doubt for their personal amusement) and through their efforts became aware of the phenomena: a fluctuation of the molecules in the air at the center of the quarry's open arena.

It is not clear who went first but both moved through what they later described as an "opening" or "slit" in the air, leading them to a place that was not anywhere on Earth. A crude journal was kept of their adventures in that otherworldly location. From descriptions contained therein, we now know that the other world was quite an ordinary planet existing in another solar system within our own Milky Way galaxy. It was an inhabited planet, and possessed an intricate civilization. Mr. Talbot has called it "seductive" and "addicting." After 127 days there, Mr. Talbot was able to return through what he called the "tear in the universe" while his partner, Ms. Parton, chose to remain. Aside from issues of romantic fidelity which provided lingering consequences, Mr. Talbot found himself eventually returning for his own separate adventures--during which he occasionally crossed paths with his ex-girlfriend, Ms. Parton.

It soon became apparent to Mr. Talbot that traveling interdimensionally could have detrimental effects on his mind and body. One confusing aspect of the effort was that while he might spend months or even years in that other dimension, on that other world, upon his return to Earth he would discover that only days or weeks had passed. Hence, he suffered mental lapses of time and place. On the other world he would seem to not age. He described how Ms. Parton was able to experience extended lifespan, as well. As Mr. Talbot attempted to complete his college education at a university in Missouri, his weekend trips to the other world caused severe interruption in normal development and, many say, initiated a downward spiral into madness.

Many have questioned whether or not the phenomena Mr. Talbot experienced was a true cosmic anomaly or the paranoid-schizophrenic ramblings of a psychotic killer. Killer? Some people wonder if his accounts were true or if they were cover-ups for murder. First Ms. Parton goes missing, then his friend Jason. Later, in the mid-1980s, other people disappeared. His explanation? They chose to stay there on that world, in that dimension. Law enforcement authorities have yet to find a single body. With one exception: co-worker Kenneth J. Davenport's body was found on the sidewalk outside Mr. Talbot's apartment, the stomach apparently ruptured by what one forensic scientist described as a "laser" blast.

Mr. Talbot immediately dropped out of sight and authorities continue to maintain surveillance on locations he is known to frequent. A few people, seemingly with inside knowledge, believe he has returned through that "tangent" doorway and even now hides there. They believe he has made his residence in the city of Selauê in the political unit known as the Sekuatean Empire--formerly the nation of Sekuate, divided between a northern and southern portion, united after revolution and civil war, expanded through military action to form a large empirical entity bent on world domination. He remains vigilant there, watching his back, waiting for an opportunity to bring down the empire.

We can only hope Mr. Talbot (using the name Set-d'Elous) will succeed, lest the forces of the Sekuatean Empire march through the doorway and conquer Missouri, then all of America!

NEXT: DeConstruction of the Sekuatean Empire, Part 2 - A little background history of Sekuate.

THE DREAM LAND, Book I: Long Distance Voyager launches in Fall 2012.

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