27 November 2012

Just a friendly reminder that shopping for ebooks makes great holiday gifts for both your friends and family and to your favorite authors, old and reliable and fresh and new ones alike.

Here is my current offering: AFTER ILIUM, a modern tale of seduction and betrayal and a young man's desperate adventure on the wild Turkish coast. 

Alex Parris has been fascinated by the Trojan War all his life, but when he meets the seductive ElĂ©na on a cruise to Turkey, he cannot help but see the two of them as a modern Helen and Paris. However, following seduction in Istanbul and their tour to the ruins of Ilium, Alex is forced to fight his way back to his lover—if he can find her, and if the rugged Turkish coast doesn’t kill him first.

Coming soon is the first volume of my science-fiction trilogy, THE DREAM LAND. The first book is titled Long Distance Voyager (named for a Moody Blues album). It's the adventures of a pair of high school sweethearts who discover a doorway to another world and learn to not only fit in but eventually dominate that new world. The problems they face, however, are the struggle to rescue each other, back and forth between Earth and the world of Ghoupallesz. It's a story of interdimensional intrigue, alien romance, and history shifting indolence marbled with layers police procedural and psychological thriller, culminating in the universal question: Where is the line between dream and reality?

Help me choose a cover for the Kindle edition!

A      B

C     D

Or none of the above....

At any rate, much thanks for your support. I hope you enjoy AFTER ILIUM and THE DREAM LAND trilogy (as well as my literary fiction A BEAUTIFUL CHILL, AIKO, and YEAR OF THE TIGER coming in the next year or so) because I write first and foremost to entertain, and if you are able to escape into a fictional world I create, even for a short time, I smile long into the night!

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