02 December 2012

The Dark Side of Interdimensional Travel

A Primer for Readers of THE DREAM LAND Book I: Long Distance Voyager coming out this month.

A previous blog post promised a discussion of the dark side of interdimensional travel, which caused many to question what the heck I’m even referring to. So I thought it better to offer this time an explanation of interdimensional travel. It’s really not as mysterious as it seems.

Interdimensional travel is possible through an interdimensional tangent, which is alternatively  called an interdimensional doorway (but not, erroneously, a “wormhole”). Such a tangent appears to be a natural phenomena without regularity or structure. Some Voyagers have speculated they consist a vast network or pattern similar to the grid of “ley lines” connecting ancient monuments around the world. Interdimensional Voyager Sebastian Talbot has further considered that certain places around the world (speaking of Earth) possess conglomerations of tangents; in essence, a “tangent dump” where multiple avenues of interdimensional travel exist within a small geographic area. For example, Talbot discovered such a tangent dump in an abandoned quarry on the east side of Independence, Missouri in July 1975, along with fellow Voyager Gina Parton. Talbot was eventually able to identify 165 separate tangents within the arena of the quarry.

The tangent presents as a thickening of the air. Whereas one might swing a hand through the air and feel no resistance, the tangent will offer slight resistance in the form of a tangible anomaly. Talbot has described it as anywhere from pea sized to walnut sized, invisible to the naked eye, and of a texture similar to gelatin. Only a sensitive touch can determine the presence of such a tangent. At night, however, it may be possible to see indications of a tangent’s presence. Certain deep sonic vibrations directed toward a suspected tangent will cause the point to glow in primary colors; the stronger the vibration the brighter the specks of flickering pinpoints of light. Excessive vibration has been observed to occasionally break open a tangent without the Voyager touching the point.

Once located, the Voyager will gently pry the tangent open using either forefinger and thumb or, if larger, both hands. Rather like salt-water taffy, the tangent when pulled open will have a tendency to draw closed, so great care must be taken to pull at an appropriate pace and strength, not too quickly nor too roughly lest it snap shut instantly. Once opened sufficiently, a view of the world of the other side should be visible through the breach, ghostly at first then with greater definition. It is possible sometimes to feel the weather of that other world through the breach, as well (e.g., wind, rain). It has been reported that a low roaring sound similar to the sound of a tornado may accompany the opening of the tangent. The sound recedes quickly as one moves away from the tangent breach, such that only the Voyagers involved will notice it. As the breach closes the roaring becomes a louder, rushing noise which increases then lessens to nothing as the breach closes completely.

Ideally, once the tangent is opened, it can be stretched further and provide a suitable sized breach, large enough for a human to pass through. Usually, a foot or arm goes through the breach first, each portion separately, the head last of all. It has been recommended that the last part to pass through be the fingertip on the initiating hand. Attempting to switch hands may cause the breach to close. Using the initiating fingertip as the final contact point allows the tangent breach to close at a slower pace, lessening the adverse effects on Voyagers. Rather like being instructed to close the door gently and not slam it shut. Talbot has reported several multiple Voyager passages, including transportation of non-experienced travelers (girlfriends, co-workers, etc.). When more than one is expected to pass through, the optimal procedure is for the Primary Voyager to locate the tangent, instigate the breach, maintain the opening while others pass through, then close the tangent after the Primary Voyager completes his/her passage. Again, hold the door open for your guests.
Interdimensional Doorways never appear as doorways!

Talbot eventually accumulated enough data to be able to make a grid at the primary site (“Pink Hill Road quarry”) which marked various tangent anomalies within a 3-dimensional space in the quarry. It is an inexact science yet one which did make subsequent passage easier by being able to identify which tangent led to which location and time zone. Through this local terminal, Talbot was able to pass back and forth to visit different places and time periods on the other world, known by its inhabitants as Ghoupallesz. Talbot did not indicate any other planet was involved in the “quarry” tangents. In this way, Talbot, using the name Set-d’Elous, was able to insert himself into the history of Ghoupallesz, first becoming involved in its culture and society and then in the military campaigns of the Sekuatean Empire, and later involved in the attempt to prevent those years of warfare, albeit to further tragic results.

For the most part, passage through a tangent breach is effortless and without negative consequences. However, Talbot has noted several possible adverse effects which should be noted. Loss of clothing and supplies during passage has been noted. Also, occasional excessive vibration has simulated sexual arousal and resulted in climax at the conclusion of passage. (Note: It is not recommended to attempt passage through an interdimensional tangent solely for the purpose of attempting sexual gratification; it is not confirmed for every passage.) It has also been noted, especially upon return passage to Earth, that headaches can occur and linger; they may be of varying severity and duration. The headache effect has been described by Talbot as “gravity working in both directions.” It is believed that the effect becomes increasingly worse as the number of passages increases.

Like most human endeavors, any action or deliberate behavior as possibilities for both positive and negative effects. Adding a second world to the equation increases the likelihood of greater effect in both directions. Only certified Interdimensional Voyagers should attempt passage through a tangent and only those Voyagers of First-Class grade should be allowed tin influence the societies and history of their adopted world. Anything else would be highly immoral and certainly unethical. It is a warning which has gone mostly ignored, however.

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