10 December 2012

Introducing the Dream-opedia for THE DREAM LAND Trilogy!

THE DREAM LAND is a genre-mashing epic of interdimensional intrigue and police procedural, a psychological thriller marbled with twisted humor, steampunk pathos, and time/space conundrums.

Want to know more about THE DREAM LAND? about Interdimensioanl Travel? about creating alternate worlds? alien languages? the deep, dark origins of The Dream Land universe? 

Then read these previous posts on this blog:


A Quick Summary of THE DREAM LAND (2 Mar. 2011)

The Juvenile Origins of THE DREAM LAND (6 Apr. 2011)


Excerpt from THE DREAM LAND ("The Dissolution of Reality") (2 Feb 2011)

A whole page of excerpts from THE DREAM LAND!

On the Amazon.com page, you can read the first seven chapters in the "Look Inside" feature.


On the Council of Five (Sekuatean government) (10 Oct. 2012)

The Sekuatean Empire, Part 1 (23 Aug. 2012)

The Sekuatean Empire, Part 2 (5 Sept. 2012)

On Alien Politics (4 Nov. 2010)


News reports of inhabitable Earth-like planets out there somewhere. (18 May 2011)

The Physics of Alternate Worlds (27 Jan. 2011)

How Interdimensional Travel Works (30 Sept. 2012)

The Dark Side of Interdimensional Travel (2 Dec. 2012)

This post is about sound waves and colors but includes an excerpt from THE DREAM LAND (19 Sept. 2011)


On Creating Alien Languages, Part 1 (21 July 2011)

On Creating Alien Languages, Part 2 (31 July 2011)

On Creating Alien Languages, Part 3 (10 Aug. 2011)


A Map of Sekuate before it was an empire (3 Nov. 2010)

A Map of Northern Zissekap ("Gotanka") prior to the Sekuate Empire (3 Nov. 2010)


Noted Comparisons between THE DREAM LAND and the Stargate movie and TV series (3 Sept. 2010)

Noted Comparisons between THE DREAM LAND and the Inception movie (29 July 2010)

Next: THE DREAM LAND, Book II: Dreams of Future's Past

A look ahead: scene from THE DREAM LAND, Book II: Dreams of Future's Past (24 Aug. 2011)

"Interludium" - Excerpt from Book II


A quickly thrown together book trailer for THE DREAM LAND (YouTube).

THE DREAM LAND, Book I: Long Distance Voyager available for Kindle on AMAZON.COM (US) and Amazon UK.

After considering several indie publishers, the Author felt that none was right for publishing THE DREAM LAND trilogy. Wishing for more creative control, the Author created TANGENTIAL BOOKS to publish the trilogy and related books and materials. 
For distribution and promotion, the Author has teamed with Myrddin Publishing GroupThe name 'Tangential' of course refers to the interdimensional doorways the hero and heroine of the trilogy use to go back and forth between the two worlds; thus, it seemed a particularly appropriate name.

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