03 June 2013

Conquered a world? Now what?

Apologies to my dear readers and followers for my previous blog posting. The need to block out spoilers practically ruined an otherwise fairly decent synopsis of THE DREAM LAND Book II "Dreams of Future's Past" and made it unreadable for most of you. I learned a lesson: blocks are not as humorous as I believed them to be. 

Please allow me to try again....

So let's say you've reached the pinnacle of your interdimensional voyaging career. You've discovered "tangents" (those pesky interdimensional doorways), made the journey to a new world, learned its language and customs, completely and convincingly infiltrated the society there, wooed and won a local beauty, made a family, insinuated yourself into the military and risen to a rank of command, lived through a revolution, civil war, and bellicose expansion of your adopted homeland into a full-fledged empire, survived the wars (including a deadly winter campaign), and been appointed the Mexas of a desert kingdom by the same IRS clerk you helped years before by bringing her to your world. You've reached the top of your career.

Now what do you do? 

As Mexas you sit in judgment of people, solving their petty problems, being regal, and having no future. So you exile yourself to a small island where you live alone, writing your memoir of interdimensional adventures, daring anyone to sail out to your island and bother you. Except for that IRS clerk, Tammy, now Queen of Aivana. She wants you to return to Earth and bring her son back. Hmm, to Earth? Where the police are still in pursuit of you because supposedly you killed a bunch of your fellow IRS employees years ago -- even though they actually slipped through the "tangent" following you and became lost on your adopted world, or they refused to give up their exciting lives there and return to Earth!

So you go, find Tammy's son Chuck jr. ("Chucker"), and reunite mother and son. Now what? Suppose there's more you can do that would fall into the category of benevolence? Perhaps there are other things you could change. You know you can come and go between the present, past, even the future, simply by altering the angle and position of the interdimensional doorway you use. So why not? Surely there are many possibilities for changing things, making the world a better place for you, your family, and everyone else. You might even prevent the big war you've already lived through! That certainly would make you a god.

Wouldn't it?

THE DREAM LAND Trilogy's Book II "Dreams of Future's Past" follows the further adventures of arch-hero Sebastian Talbot, a.k.a. Set-d'Elous, as he struggles to achieve godhood -- for better or worse -- and finally learn the lessons that the gods have kept secret for millennia: Be careful what you ask for, you might just get it! Then, of course, you might need to undo it....

Book II will be available for Kindle in June 2013.

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