19 October 2012

The Rebirth of AFTER ILIUM

The past two years have been a valuable and frequently frustrating learning experience. I revel in the blood, sweat, and tears. I live and breathe defeat and welcome the bitter taste of failure. Then something changes and I am left baffled and bemused. My least impressive tome rises from the ashes of a premature burial, more beautiful and profound than ever! Go figure.

AFTER ILIUM, the "longish" short story I originally wrote in a summer workshop in 1998 and expanded into a novella the following year, was further expanded a couple years ago to become a full-fledged novel. It has no personal revelations, however, and no hidden meaning, no frivolous sex and violence, nor childish cuteness. I tried for plausible situations and believable interaction--which nevertheless showed a parallel between ancient history and modern tourism. Just for fun; pure entertainment. Romance turned into seduction, which was thrown into the chaos that produces action and adventure and ultimately incarnates rage.

* * *

Alex Parris has been fascinated by the Trojan War all his life, but when he meets the seductive Eléna on a cruise to Turkey, he cannot help but see the two of them as a modern Helen and Paris. However, following seduction in Istanbul and their tour to the ruins of Ilium, Alex is forced to fight his way back to his lover—if he can find her, and if the rugged Turkish coast doesn’t kill him first.

* * *

This 2nd edition for Kindle is offered through Myrddin Publishing Group.

In its preparation, a dozen or so unclear or syntactically "clunky" sentences were rewritten, several new sentences added for improved clarity, and a couple of typographical errors and a few errors of continuity have been repaired. The plot remains the same, as does the conclusion. A sequel is planned.


For additional information, a sample chapter, and a link to the book trailer, click here.

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